Together We Can

Think Big. Think Bold. Think Beyond.

The University of Alberta is taking steps to secure its place in the top tier of the world’s public research universities. That’s not a self-serving goal but one that, in the words of our founding president in 1908, will further the “uplifting of the whole people.” 

We cannot get there without you. 

The work of building a great and enduring institution is an “everybody in” proposition. World-class teaching and research demand world-class funding. Your support is essential, as are your ideas and insights. 

As a public university, UAlberta benefits from the provincial government providing much-needed funding to cover the basics of a solid education. But philanthropy is critical for funding extraordinary achievements and innovation.

Together We Can ensure that now is the University of Alberta’s time to lead.

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Indira Samarasekera, President and Vice Chancellor

“With your continued support, the University of Alberta can extend its impact across the province and country, and around the globe. Your donation will help attract talented students and faculty, better prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing society, and advance meaningful discoveries that serve Alberta and the world.”

 —Indira V. Samarasekera, President and Vice Chancellor